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Rail way - SDX2512-CX


Railway application

Input • Rated input voltage 110Vdc nom. 70Vdc min. 165Vdc max.
• Input protection • External fuse T 4A required for safety • Input overvoltage comply to EN50155 and St.n°306158 • Inrush current limitation
Output • Remote sense compensation S+ and S- must be connected to Vo and Go if not used
• Output power (max) 132W
• Parallel connection The unit can be paralleled for application requiring greater than 10A
• Test points Red test-point Vo Black test-point Go
• Output protections • Short circuit protection • Overload protection • Output overvoltage protection • Over temperature protection (over110°C) • EMI radiated noise compatibility
General Features • Dieletric withstand voltage • (input=output) - chassis : 500Veff 50Hz 1min.
• Isolation • (input=output) - chassis : 500Vdc
• See table for • Output voltage and current • Output tolerance with load (0÷Inom), line(70÷165V) and temp.(-25°C÷70°C): ±3.75% • Output ripple and noise
• Cooling Natural convection
• Operating indicator • Green led Vout OK
• Operating temperature -25 to 70°C
• Storage temperature -55 to 100°C
• Comply with • EN 60950 • EN 50155 S1
• Application field Railway application

Power Control Systems Italy
Manufactured by: Power Control Systems srl Italy
Model: SDX2512-CX
Product ID: SDX2512-CX

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